Burning Man is more than just a collection of people driving down once a year to the desert. The event location many people call home is a destination filled with the American Dream of multiple generations. We survive in what is known as the “real world” for 51 weeks of the year just so there is a chance we can all get together and feel like we are at piece with the world. Even if there is fluctuations on how the experience is for people we can all agree there is a flow of energy there indescribable to mortal humans.

The energy flowing through Burning Man is a river where people come to cleanse, drink, and find themselves. There is no other realm on this planet offering the same feeling. Many people from different places all over the world contribute to the river and the same people take something away. The river is constantly flowing and changing. Picasso Camp is an outline for the river, to know what it looks like just come see a canvas.


Piccaso Camp echos and shows what Burning Man is about because we allow an outlet for expression. Burners come and express their ideas, their feelings, their consciousness. There is no limit to what is on the canvas because paint is a medium limited only by the flow of ideas.

In 2005 Picasso Camp was unable to come out in full force, in fact, we camped in a secret location. Like any source we had to take a year to rest and reflect. While Burning Man would seem like the ideal place sometimes to really see and appreciate what is there one has to take a step back. As of 2006 Picasso Camp is back! Look for us on the playa with canvases flying in the wind and get ready. We are.

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