Picasso Camp is back! We’ve got fresh paint, fresh canvasses, and fresh vibes for the playa. Always a participant’s best friend, our camp provides Burners a place to express their American Dream, (or any other ideas) on two huge canvasses, day or night. The results are always breathtaking, as thousands of people witness an art project develop throughout the week until the community’s mural is complete!


We are ready to serve up a treat to sooth the spirit, and our crew of eclectic DJs set the tempo to fit the mood. Our “chill domes” provide the space for poets to write, and musicians to create and collaborate. We’re all excited to get back onto the playa and make Burning Man 2009 a rockin’ year!!

Find Picasso Camp in Center Camp! Find our canvasses and express your world, extend your creativity with our paint and the available blank slate.

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